A Japanese village has a creepy robot wolf to scare away bears


Engineers have managed to create a kind of robot wolf in some Japanese communities whose main task is to chase away wild bears that approach residential areas, and we explain what it does.

Scientists have developed an “underwater Wi-Fi”

The engineers designed this technology for social welfare and, as well as to make the lives of people easier. It can also protect people in two ways;

  • with defensive devices
  • with a series of robots that do not need to travel far to carry out their task

In the Japanese city of Takikawa, residents have a problem with wild bears at this time of year. However, they did not hire a hunter or a guard in the area to protect them. Rather, have created a kind of robot wolf to scare away the hungry wild bears that approach the area. These are not the first animatronic animals.

Why is Ohta Seiki company making robot wolf?

It is the Ohta Seiki that manufactured the robot wolf, a company that makes mechanical parts. Although it looks like a fairground robot, the important thing is that it can effectively achieve its goal: that no teddy bear approaches it.

This robot wolf can emit up to 60 different sounds, including

  • The typical howling of wolves
  • Human voices
  • The sound of gunshots

This variety is important because it prevents wild bears from getting used to a particular sound.

In the Takikawa region of Japan, bears now feel the need to hunt some of their food near residential areas. They mostly store this food during the long winter of hibernation.

It is a project that has been running for some time, as there are already 62 communities across the country that have this type of monster robot wolf to hunt the wildlife so that the surrounding community can feel safe.

It is a project that has been running for some time, because there are already 62 communities throughout the country that have this type of monstrous robot wolves to drive away wild animals so that the community of neighbors can feel safe.

“We have included many methods in their design to scare away bears, so I am sure it will be effective,” said Ohta Seiki President Yuji Ohta. “If this can help create an environment where bears and people can live, I will be happy.”