A new earth crack developed in the Icelandic volcanic area

In the volcanic area of ​​Iceland, lava is now flowing out of the earth at another point. Another eruption gap formed between the original eruption site and two other cracks on Wednesday night, as the Icelandic meteorological authority Vedurstofa announced. 

In the 24-hour live stream of the radio station RUV from the area, it was possible to see an orange glowing lava flow from the crack to the surface of the earth in the dark night.

The eruption, which the Icelanders have named Geldingadalsgos, began on March 19 in a remote area on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest of Reykjavik.

 On Easter Monday, two new earth cracks opened up, from which lava now also comes to the surface. The lava comes from an underground volcanic system called Krysuvik. 

An outbreak of this type had previously been announced by thousands of earthquakes. 

According to the authorities, there is no danger to people, localities or the not far away capital Reykjavik.

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