A parallel universe has been found by NASA scientists but Peter Gorham says, “Not everyone was comfortable with the hypothesis”


Evidence of a parallel universe has been found by NASA scientists. It has been highlighted that the rules of physics are apparently operating on the opposite of our own.

Since the early 60s notion of parallel universes has been a very common concept in science-fiction and comic books. Fans of these will surely confirm this statement.

Since 1952, science pioneer Erwin Schrödinger asserted that the debate of whether a ‘multiverse’ had ever existed seemed ‘lunatic’. This is because at that time there was little confirmation of dimensions beyond our planet.

However, after so many years, particles have been located by cosmic ray detection – particles that could be from outside our planet.

In fact, while higher energy objects are stopped by the supportively solid matter of the world, low energy particles, also known as neutrinos, can have access completely through the Earth. This clearly indicates that these high energy particles can only be identified as coming down from the outer space.

To distinguish a heavier particle, also known as, a tau neutrino, coming up out of the planet would only mean that these particles are in reality traveling in reverse in time.

This piece of information has been confirmed by ANITA scientists as well. This strange phenomenon is further described by Peter Gorham, the main investigator at ANITA and also a very well experienced particle physicist at the University of Hawaii.

He points out that the complete impracticality of the tau neutrino’s nature underlines that the only way it could happen is if the particle altered in a different type of particle before accessing through the planet and then bounces back. He further confirms that “Not everyone was comfortable with the hypothesis”.

In a nutshell, at the moment of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, two universes were created – one is our planet and one is running in reserve with time going backward.