A Van Gogh painting stolen from a museum in the Dutch town of Laren

Bad news for those passionate about the Dutch painter’s works. One of Van Gogh’s paintings, the Spring Garden has been stolen from a museum in the Dutch town of Laren.

On Monday, a break-in occurred at the Singer Laren Museum at 03:15 local time (02:15 GMT). According to the museum Van Gogh’s Spring Garden, on loan from the Groninger Museum, was missing.

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Due to the coronavirus, The Singer Laren Museum has been closed making it easier for the perpetrator(s).

On the side of the museum’s director, Jan Rudolph de Lorm, he expressed his frustration at a press conference today 30 Mar. 20. “I am extremely pissed off that this happened. This is a huge blow. This is extremely difficult, especially in these times.”

For the time being, the value of the painting is not known, however, another work from the same period has recently been traded for around $13.5m (£10.4m ).

On Monday the Dutch health ministry reported 11,750 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country and a total of 864 deaths as reported by BBC.

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As a reminder, Van Gogh’s Spring Garden is an oil painting that was completed while van Gogh was living in Neunen between the winters of 1883 and 1885.

Police are actively investigating the theft.

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