A woman was caught red-handed “licking her hands and rubbing them on food items at a South Carolina grocery store

By | May 6, 2020

While the global population is being continuously sensitized to maintain hygiene and wear masks and gloves due to the spread of Covid 19, South Carolina witnessed an absurd incident last Saturday.

A woman was caught red-handed “licking her hands and rubbing them on food items and surfaces at a grocery store and sandwich shop”. As reported by ARY News.

The perpetrator, Shenir Gibson Holliday was taken under police custody for this inappropriate gesture after police witnessed her actions through surveillance footage from the store on Pinewood.

She was rifling through an array of bagged potato chips, placed coins in her mouth, and put them back in the tip jar. The manager of the shop also testified against the licking of her hands before handling money over to the cashier.

For the time being, the woman is found guilty at a detention center on a $100,000 bond for going against the hygienic rule set to combat Coronavirus. She is said to have violated the state’s home. Ultimately she has been ordered to undergo a test for the coronavirus.

It’s the similar scenario at the Sainsbury’s store where two people were spotted on licking their hands before wiping them over meat and other fresh produce.

They were seen via the CCTV footage. This scene was a shock to the supermarket’s staff. Later, “the food items worth hundreds of pounds were thrown away by the store”, Mail Online underlined.

The footage was released by the police. The store underwent thorough disinfection.

Police inspector James Martin said, “Anyone could think this sort of behaviour is appropriate or amusing even in normal times is beyond me, but at this time of crisis when many people have been faced with empty shelves in some shops is flabbergasting. It is utterly despicable.”

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