All you need to know about sleep Paralysis or “ghost oppression”


Has it ever occurred to you that you are soundly sleeping and suddenly you feel a heavy pressure which seizes you, making you unable to move?

At times, you may even want to call someone besides you but that pressure is so extent that it chokes you. This is known as sleep paralysis which is very often accompanied by illusions and strong fear.

Sleep paralysis, as the Chinese label it, “ghost oppression”, is not life-threatening but it causes anxiety trouble. The person’s consciousness and senses are intact.

However if it frequently occurs, it can lead to sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy. Most of the time, it is people who are in their twenties or thirties that experience sleep paralysis.

Facts on sleep paralysis:

  1. It is most like to happen during adolescence.
  2. It actually lasts for a few minutes while it may seem longer.
  3. It is mainly caused when someone is too stressed or is deprived of sleep. Too much hallucination also can trigger sleep paralysis.
  4. It is not harmful to heath and can be treated.

Signs and symptoms of sleep paralysis:

  1. You are asleep but you feel unable to move your body.
  2. You are consciously awake.
  3. You cannot speak.
  4. You develop fear and you sweat a lot.
  5. You feel pressure on your stomach and have difficulty to breathe.
  6. You feel as if you are going to die soon.
  7. You experience headaches, muscle pains and paranoia.

Myth about sleep paralysis:

It is also believed by religious bodies that sleep paralysis is caused by Satan. Echoes of their interpretations of this ‘supernatural’ phenomenon are found in narrations of ghosts, evil, alien abduction, and so on.

History testifies that Buddhist monks used to seek the help of black magic to paralyze others.