Almost 116,000 new corona infections in India in one day

By | April 7, 2021

India has reached a new high in new infections with the coronavirus. The Indian Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday of a record of 115,736 new infections within one day. 

Accordingly, in this wake they registered a total of 630 deaths. They fear that these numbers will continue to rise significantly in this huge country. In absolute numbers, India is the third most affected country by Corona after Brazil and the USA.

Nevertheless, many Indians live as if there was no more Corona. They celebrate large Hindu festivals and attend regional election events where many people come together without masks or distance. More contagious virus mutants could also play a role in the spread.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan warned on Twitter on Wednesday that the pandemic was not over. He asked people to have a vaccination and to adhere to corona rules. From ministry circles they highlighted that the next four weeks would be “very, very critical”.

India mass-produces vaccines itself, but the vaccination campaign is lagging behind the government’s goal of vaccinating 300 million of the country’s 1.3 billion people by summer. 

According to the Ministry of Health, 87 million doses have been administered since the vaccination started in January. And criticism came from some states that, despite the rapidly increasing number of infections, the central government has only allowed people aged 45 and over to be vaccinated.

Request for replenishment

The health minister of the most affected and richest state of Maharashtra told the local television broadcaster NDTV that the vaccine was running out there and that he had asked the Indian health minister for replenishment. 

Several vaccination centers had to close because they ran out of vaccination doses. In the state, shopping centers and restaurants have been closed and companies were asked to let their employees work from home. In other places there are less strict rules.

India not only produces vaccine for its own country but also exports a lot. In view of the rapidly increasing number of cases in the country, this was restricted. This affects, among other things, the UN initiative Covax, which supposedly was to supply poor countries with vaccination doses.

Source: AFP

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