An archaeological discovery that can lead to political upheaval in India

The political upheaval could be possible in India following an archaeological discovery. It was assumed that residents of the first Indian Civilization would not look like the people of North India. This created an uproar among the Hindus and the ruling party in the nation, who proudly boasted about being the direct progenies of one of the planet’s first civilizations.

It all started with the diggings of archaeological sites that have been taking place for many years on the site of Rakhigarhi. It is known as one of the first towns in the Indus Valley, in India’s North West, in the current state of Haryana.

This place has been in existence over four thousand and five hundred years ago. It is roughly at the same time as the development of the civilization of ancient Egypt.

It should be noted that a skeleton was found by archaeologists at this site. From an isolated genetic element in its ear, they detected which ethnic group inhabited in that region at that moment. It is this that led to the anger of the Hindus. It was known that these people would not resemble the current residents of this area.

For many times, the people of Northern India and especially the high castes of the light-skinned Brahmins, claim to be the ancestors of these people who created one of the ancient civilizations in the world.

They are proud of it and they justify it by showing their superiority over the other residents of the nation, particularly the Dravidians. The Dravidians are quite marginalized as they are of dark skin. They live in the south of India.

It was recalled that the present people of Northern India, such as the Prime Minister or most of the Indian politicians are merely descendants of migrants who reached India just after the great civilization. It is hence believed that the real children of this land are none other than the Tamils, also known as people of Karnataka.

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