Babies are born with unexpected talents, learn some interesting new-born baby facts

When a baby is born, he can be either joyful as he makes you laugh all day or troublesome as well if he cries and needs a diaper change several times a day. Nonetheless a baby remains a priceless gift that nature has to offer to every couple.

A baby is full of surprises. Learn these amazing babies facts.

Babies learn to talk in the womb

These little buds could hear their mother’s voice and other sounds as from their twenty third of existence. Although they won’t say their first syllables until there are one and a half years old, the babies have already been learning language right in the womb itself. A mother’s voice is a babies’ favorite tune. They love responding to her. That’s why it is said it is never too early to start reading to them.

The womb is babies’ first swimming pool

Basically new-born babies hold their breath when they are put in underwater and even splash about with their arms and legs. These skills are innate ones are they have apparently been swimming in their mother’s womb. They are hence born with the ability to swim.

Birthmarks are common in babies

Among all the babies born across the world, one-third of them are born with a birthmark. Birthmarks are very special to parents as they represent a stork mark also labeled as the on patch or angel kiss. It is actually a pale pink patch on the babies’ neck or face. It apparently reddens as babies cry. The birthmarks generally cause no harm and they may even disappear on their own. Very rarely, they can require treatment.

Babies are short-sighted

Once born, babies’ sight goes up to around 20cm to 30cm only in front of their faces. The rest seems blurred to them. Their vision can be helped to develop by exposing toys with bold patterns and colors to her.

Babies have more bones than adults

Babies are born with three hundred bones and they grow up, these bones harden and fuse together with other bones. For instance, babies have soft spots as their skull starts as three pieces of bone are joined by cartilage.  Finally, they join to form a solid bone.

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