Benefits of mushrooms: Scientists obtain a medicinal agent from mushrooms


Benefits of mushrooms, in particular, the Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms. It contains ganoderic acid, according to Eurek Alert, that enhances the body’s immune defences.

Adherents of alternative medicine advise using mushrooms in powder form. However, according to some studies, if the mushrooms are in a dried state for a long time or acid release occurs at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius or higher, the active ingredient is destroyed.

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology has identified the optimal conditions for enhancing several properties of Ganoderma lucidum including the anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and antioxidant. Benefits of mushrooms

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Moreover, recent studies have revealed that mushroom extract can be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent for the skin.

Experiments have shown that by drying the mushrooms with hot air at 60 degrees Celsius, the final product acquires excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Specialists managed to isolate a large amount of ganoderic acid. A product with outstanding antioxidant and antidiabetic properties was obtained by drying mushrooms at minus 50 degrees Celsius.Benefits of mushrooms