Blood type is equal to personality traits: Hippocrates used to link personality biologically


After the numerous stereotypes emerging from Europe long ago, Japan initiated the blood type personality indicator theory. Hippocrates used to link personality biologically. In other words, it was believed that personality traits were inherited through blood types.

Human blood is categorised in four types namely A, B, AB and O.  Each kind of blood has its own sort of protein and is also grouped by its Rhesus factor. The Rhesus* factor is either Rh positive or Rh negative.

*Rhesus is derived from Rhesus monkeys, in which the protein was first discovered.

To know the exact blood type is very essential especially if a person has to undergo either an operation or a blood transfusion. Each one of them requires the compatible blood type. If ever the blood type does not correspond, red blood cells will cluster together, forming clots that can block blood vessels. The patient can die from this.

Universal donors are those people who consist of Type O negative blood. They are labelled as such because they can donate their blood to people of any blood type. Those who have Type AB+ are said to be the universal recipients because those who consist of this kind of blood can receive any blood type.

A person can also have his blood transferred to another person. This activity is known as blood transfusion. For instance, someone who has lost blood in an accident or is suffering from a severe disease or is undergoing an operation can require blood transfusion. At times, red blood cells or plasma also can be transferred to patients.

Basically, those who agree for blood transfusion or blood donation have to be tested for HIV or other serious illnesses. For these transactions, blood banks are maintained across the world. Many blood donation centers are run by the Red Cross.