Brazil smells trouble: Sao Paulo is one of the worst regions affected by the global pandemic, the professionalism of the President is being highly criticized


Brazil already sounded in trouble with the recent resignation of the two health ministers within a month. The worse has occurred now.

The mayor of Sao Paulo, Mr. Covas, made the public aware that the demand for more emergency beds in hospitals in relation to Covid-19 patients is anticipating the breakdown of the health system.

All the public hospitals across the city are embedded with ninety percent of patients. It is highly plausible that they run out of space within two weeks, hence putting the whole nation in a total dilemma.

It should be reminded that Sao Paulo is one of the worst regions affected by the global pandemic. Three thousand deaths have been recorded so far. Official figures have pointed out that in a population toll of twelve million, most of the residents have been neglecting precautionary measures, thus explaining very well the reason why so many of them have been hit by the disease.

The situation is currently bewildering. According to Health experts, there is a high probability that the number of people affected by coronavirus recorded officially may be higher as many of the citizens have not been tested yet.  In regard to this, Mr Covas urges for a strict lockdown as an intention to curtail the contamination of the global lethal disease.

In the meantime, the professionalism of Brazil’s President, Mr Bolsonaro, is being highly criticised as the health system seems to be crumpling down and especially after he defied global health advice on social distancing on Sunday.

While governments across the planet are rolling up their sleeves to curb the global pandemic by encouraging social distance, Mr Bolsonaro has a second school of thoughts.

According to him, social distancing or restrictions will only damage the economy of the country. This explains why not enough Brazilians are confining themselves within the four walls of their houses as there is little motivation from the government.