Breast milk benefits: The elixir of life – Is there really room for coronavirus cure?

Breast milk benefits are countless. The properties of breastmilk are under scrutiny as it gives a new ray of hope to heal the world from the global pandemic. Miraculously, lactating mothers suffering from Coronavirus recovered by using the breastmilk. 

Actually, antibodies were discovered in some mothers’ breastmilk. This is what is triggering optimism at the scientists in New York. They are determined to look out to treatment for the coronavirus.

Since time immemorial breastmilk has known to be the elixir of life for it contains elements that help to sustain and benefit a baby’s immune system.

If a breastfeeding mother is infected, antibodies develop on their own to help her combat the virus. This process occurs as her immunoglobulin acts as a shield by moving across the placenta.

Dr. Rebecca Powell, assistant professor of medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is pretty confident about this little attempt to test breastfeeding Covid mothers.

She adds, “These results, although preliminary and based on a small number of participants, indicate a strong immune response to COVID-19”. She further says, “But in early experiments that I’ve conducted in the last week, I’m finding COVID-19-specific antibodies in the milk. These experiments need to be reproduced.”

These immune properties of breast milk are henceforth being examined at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, including influenza.

 At this point of time, it has not been identified yet whether the same antibodies can be used as therapeutic treatment in those diagnosed with coronavirus.

This also is under analysis whether an infant who is being breastfed can be contaminated with a positively diagnosed mother while the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention still maintains that the virus is not detected in a mother with Covid-19.

This novel discovery has breathed positive anticipation in the humanity for once, ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic.

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