Campaigners’ new ordeal : A rise in plastic waste caused by Covid 19


Of all the tantrums thrown by the coronavirus pandemic, plastic waste is the latest one.

While the globe was gradually moving towards a green era, Covid 19 has out of the blue increased our dependence upon plastic’s use.

The urgent production of surgical masks, gloves, protective equipment and so on has made us feel an urgent need of these.

The whole world is in a race to boost up their stockpiles, without forgetting the claim of each and every citizen. Our reliance on plastic has become primordial but it goes without saying that we need to pay a price for it, and a very high one!

CNN World clearly highlights that “it is just the tip of a looming iceberg”. To reduce pollution caused by the plastic will definitely become a serious challenge.

It is true that everyone is cautious about the hygienic crisis but at the same time the majority of the population is not being precautionary in the discarding of these plastic stuffs.

CNN World adds that “The implications of those trends could spell years of trouble for our already polluted oceans.”

Plastic pollution was always a global concern. However the topic seems to be apparently neglected since the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Discarded masks and gloves – this is the scenario around the world. According to researchers, if this continues, by 2050 the emission of 15% of greenhouse gas is sure. Other studies every year witness the leakage of  8 million tons of plastic trash in the ocean. Ultimately water pollution is unpredictable.

It is with much dismay we contemplate that while one side of the world is rising against coronavirus, the other side is gradually sinking.

That is, we are encouraging the production of the above-mentioned equipment for protection purposes but we equally have our hands in causing pollution.