Cat owners: Science discovers five types of cat owners

Cat owners, for more than 10,000 years, cats have learned to live with humans, but today the question arises if it was the other way around and we are the ones who came into their lives

On many occasions; the affection that one has for pets causes us to block or not become aware of many instinctive behaviors that they have; for example, predation.

Given this, cat owners; choose to avoid going outside or buy accessories that in one way or another sound to alert those who could be the prey of its presence.

According to an analysis carried out by the University of Exeter in England; in which the habits and attitudes of people with their felines were taken into account; they concluded that there are five types of cat owners.

The concerned protectors:

They are owners who are focused on the safety of their cat and have complete control of their outdoor trips.

Defenders of freedom:

They are those owners who allow the independence of their feline and oppose the restrictions on their behavior.

The tolerant guardians:

Here a large percentage of people who have a cat accumulate; since they tolerate that he is in contact with the outside; but they do not allow them to hunt.

Conscientious Caregivers:

They are owners with particular characteristics given the great responsibility they feel with their pet to control their hunting.

The Laissez-faire:

The owners that are part of this group are those who; are completely unaware of their pet’s hunting instinct and the problems that it could bring with it.


Here is a few cat facts for cat owners

1. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear to move its ears – humans have only 6

2. The oldest ancestors of the cat lived around 50 million years ago

3. The regular body temperature of adult cats is 38.3 to 39 ° C

4. While humans & dogs move their heads up and down while hunting, a cat’s head always stays at the same height

5. Hairballs that cats (and other animal species) spit out are called “bezoar”

6. Aspirin can be fatal to the cat. What helps us against headaches is for nothing for kitties.

7. Almost every second cat owner has a picture of their pet in their wallet, according to a survey

8. In 2014 there were almost 12 million cats in Germany

9. The cat is the most popular pet in Germany – around 5 million more cats are kept than dogs

10. Cats cannot climb upside down because their claws are “the wrong way round” – they have to go back down the tree exactly as they came up – with a look up, for example.

11. The cat has have a seventh sense, it should be able to foresee events like earthquakes. (In fact, they just react more strongly to vibrations and perceive an earthquake about 10 to 15 minutes in front of people)

12. In Talkeetna – a town in Alaska – a cat was mayor for 15 years

13. Cat urine can glow with UV light

14. The search engine Google finds more than 30 million entries for the keyword “cat”

15. The average life expectancy of a cat is 14 years

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