China criticizes EU sanctions for persecuting Muslims

China’s foreign ministry has criticized the European Union for imposing sanctions on Beijing due to the persecution of Uighur Muslims. The statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry is quoted by TASS.

It is reported that the head of the EU delegation in Beijing was summoned to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, where he was protesting over the restrictions imposed by Brussels. Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Qin Gang called the sanctions “groundless and devoid of rationality,” warning that EU actions could cause “serious damage” to bilateral relations.

Earlier it was reported that the EU foreign ministers agreed on the inclusion of four Chinese citizens and one organization in the sanctions list. They are accused of human rights violations in connection with the persecution of Uighur Muslims.

On March 22, China imposed tough sanctions against the EU in response to “notices” on human rights that Beijing allegedly violates in the Xinjian Uygur Autonomous Region. The sanctions affected 10 individuals and four organizations from Brussels.

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