China: Riots breaks out as citizens try to leave Hubei province


As the lockdown has finally taken an end, an angry mob rioted near coronavirus-ravaged city Wuhan.   After being told they couldn’t travel elsewhere in China, the people started to create havoc to vent their pent-up frustrations.

On Wednesday, Hubei province opened its borders ending restrictions on outbound traffic as no new cases of the coronavirus were recorded.

In Wuhan, over 100 bus routes started to operate back this while the lockdown on the city’s outbound traffic will be lifted on April 8.

However, there is now widespread distrust in China towards people from Hubei, the province where the coronavirus crisis is believed to have started.

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After the series of deaths and the number of people affected, unfathomable hostility has taken root across China toward people from Hubei due to their fear of COVID-19, which spread widely in the province.

According to the Chinese tabloids, violent clashes erupted on a bridge between China’s virus-stricken Hubei province and neighboring Jiangxi province.

In this wake, police vehicles were overturned and the authorities did their best to calm down the revolting crowd. A series of videos have been posted to Chinese social media showing the confrontation between authorities in Jiangxi blocking entry to people from Hubei.

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People from Hubei have been refused entry to hotels and their homes. Moreover, on social media, people have reported being barred from entering Beijing just because their hometown is in Hubei.

As a reminder, the number of deaths recorded for Wuhan, according to the Chinese government is 2,535 people from 50,006 coronavirus infections.