Chinese doctors’ skin blackened after recovering from coronavirus


Two Chinese doctors from Wuhan who successfully recovered from the coronavirus after being in a critical state woke up to find that their skin has turned black.

According to medical experts, this transformation is due to a failure of their liver following the treatment that they were administered.

Dr Yi Fan and Dr Hu Weifeng, were both tested positive for the virus while treating patients at the Wuhan Central Hospital in January.

They were transferred to a special Lung Hospital after they started developing complications, Dr Yi, a cardiologist, beat COVID-19 after he required respiratory assistance called ECMO for 39 days.

After being brought back from the brink of death, their skin turned abnormally darker. According to local doctors, this change is caused by hormonal imbalances after their livers were damaged by the virus.

“When I first gained conscious, especially after I got to know about my condition, I felt scared. I had nightmares often.” Dr Yi confessed to a reporter.

He also admitted that this struggle against the virus has traumatised him and that he is still trying to overcome the psychological hurdle.

Dr Hu’s whose condition was more serious, is still recovering and was unable to speak of his deadly experience.

“He could not stop talking to the doctors who come to check on him,” Dr Li said.

Dr Hu underwent ECMO therapy from February 7 to March 22 was finally able to mumble a few words on April 11 and is still under intensive care.

According to Dr Li their turned dark due to a type of medicine they had received at the beginning of the treatment.

Though he explained that one of the drug’s side effects is the darkening of the skin colour, he did not precise which drug he was talking about.