Coffee side effects: Study reveals that coffee on an empty stomach can cause type 2 diabetes

Experts from the University of Bath explained that coffee in the morning on an empty stomach threatens to violate blood sugar control. Coffee side effects

scientists selected volunteers and divided them into two groups. The first was given a sweet drink immediately after breakfast. The observation was such; the number of calories in which was equal to the usual breakfast.

As for the second group, they were first given to drank strong black coffee, and only half an hour later they were given a drink with sugar.

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Afterwards, blood samples were taken from people to establish glucose levels.

It turned out, those who drank coffee before breakfast had a 50% increase in blood sugar. According to scientists, in the long term, such jumps in the indicator can lead to a violation of the body’s glucose tolerance.  

Consequently, it can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.

At the same time, the researchers explained that there is no need to completely give up coffee in the morning. However, it is recommended not to have it on an empty stomach.

Coffee side effects

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