Coronavirus bangladesh gathering mass prayer
photo AFP

On Wednesday, 18th March, around ten of thousands of people congregated in Bangladesh for mass prayer, despite the outbreak of coronavirus.

While the local police stated that some 10,000 Muslims had gathered in Raipur town to recite verses from the holy book, Koran, other witnesses claimed that the mass enumerated some 30,000 individuals.

Malaysia confirmed more than 500 local infections after a similar religious gathering. According to BBC, the event, which was attended by 16,000 people, has also led to infections in neighboring Brunei, Singapore, and Cambodia.

Subsequently, the Malaysian government banned all public gatherings in the country and took the decision to lock down its borders so as to prevent the further spread of the virus.

A similar mass religious gathering was supposed to be held later this week in Indonesia, however, it has now been canceled for fear that a similar outbreak that could take place.