Coronavirus in Europe: Hospitals will soon run out of intensive care drugs

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Hospitals across Europe will soon face a rupture of drugs being used to treat COVID-19 patients in intensive care within days.

According to the European University Hospital Alliance, in less than two weeks, hospitals across the European continent will run out of stocks of muscle relaxants, sedatives, and painkillers.

The shortage of these drugs has even compelled some hospitals to buy alternative drugs or try other doses on patients.

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“The most urgent need now is for the drugs that are necessary for intensive care patients. It is extremely worrying that overworked and often less-experienced nurses and doctors-in-training, drafted to fill the gaps, have to use products and dosages that they are not used to,” the European University Hospital Alliance highlighted.

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“No single country in Europe has the production facilities to provide all the drugs (or protective gear or ventilators) needed. Co-ordinated European action will be of vital importance.”

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