Coronavirus outbreak predicts double global hunger


The health pandemic is followed by the food pandemic. 130 million people are labeled as terribly hungry this year. The economic fallout of Covid-19 anticipates an additional  135 million people who will suffer from famine.

World Food Programme asserts that the situation is critical if there are not enough funds to cater for the vulnerable countries. The global pandemic which was followed by consequent loss in tourism revenues and payments will most probably lead to a worldwide hunger crisis.

This is because enough funds will not be pledged. According to  WFP’s director David Beasley, “What we are facing now is a double pandemic … of famines that could impact us at biblical proportions”.

According to the estimation of the United Nations, the coronavirus is anticipated to reach the peak of the world’s poorest countries in some months only.

Mark Lowcock, the UN head of humanitarian affairs stated that “The most devastating and destabilizing effects” of the new coronavirus pandemic “will be felt in the world’s poorest countries”.

Basically the UN gives a helping hand to nearly 100 million people any day but this time to solve out this prevailing mega-famine remains its priority.

Beasley adds “There’s no question. Mega-famines are on our brink literally right now.” The fact has to be put forward the people who are chronically hungry is a serious matter.

Mark Lowcock underlines that to eradicate or at least control the “spectre of multiple famines” collective actions must be taken as soon as possible, but what is intriguing is that world leaders are falling short, as UN Chief emphasizes.

“Extraordinary measures are needed,” he said. “As we come together to combat this virus, I urge donors to act in both solidarity and in self-interest and make their response proportionate to the scale of the problem we face.” As reported by Al Jazeera.