Coronavirus pandemic: Hundreds of cruise passengers quarantined with quokkas

cruise passengers coronavirus quarantine

Cruise passengers will be placed in coronavirus quarantine on an island that is home to quokkas, a marsupial of Australia.

Thus, approximately 800 Australians on board the Vasco de Gama will have to spend around two weeks (14 days) on Rottnest Island off the west coast.

According to the local press, the passengers were due to arrive in Perth on Friday, however, officials have banned cruise ships from docking there.

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An occasion for the passengers of Vasco de Gama to have a close look to the cheerful-looking quokka, native to a small corner of south-western Australia and considered endangered.

Moreover, Rottnest is a holiday hotspot, famous for its sandy beaches and clear turquoise blue water, the best place for quarantine so far.

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As a reminder, the Ruby Princess that unloaded 2,700 passengers in Sydney, had more than 130 people who were tested positive of the coronavirus.

Up to date, Australia has confirmed around 2,400 coronavirus cases and nine deaths were reported.