Coronavirus Pandemic quick global analysis: Number of confirmed cases doubled in Brazil and India in less than one month

Coronavirus Pandemic quick global analysis

The number of confirmed cases has folded in Brazil and India, and this, in less than a month.

Over 1 Million of confirmed cases has been reported in India so far, and the number of deaths is experiencing a daily increase.

On the side of Brazil, around 2 million of people have been contaminated by the deadly virus, however, it is observed that the death rate there is relatively low.

Since the outbreak began, 13.8 million people have been tested positive of the virus around the globe, with 589,000 deaths reported.

The daily total of new cases in Japan is raising and now the country is recording more daily cases than Italy.

The situation in the US, is deplorable with the number of daily cases being registered. Over 68,000 infections recorded in 24 hours, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Hong Kong reported 50 locally transmitted coronavirus cases. The authorities are fearing an escalating third wave of infections.

Australia’s second-biggest city of Melbourne, with more than five million residents, currently on lockdown again, counted 423 new infections on Friday.

Indonesia enumerated 1,462 new coronavirus infections, bringing total cases to 83,130, according to its Health Ministry.

Coronavirus tally mounts to 259,998 in Pakistan. with an average new case of 2,000 per day, and low death rate.

On a positive note, Thailand has not recorded a single local case of the virus in seven weeks.


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