Coronavirus: The number of confirmed cases in Pakistan soared around 1000

coronavirus in pakistan

972 cases have been confirmed throughout Pakistan. 413 cases were reported so far in Sindh.

296 cases in Punjab. In Balochistan, 115 people have been tested positive while Gilgit-Baltistan has registered 80.

 78 positive cases enumerated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and, 15 people were diagnosed with the deadly virus in the capital Islamabad as well as one in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

on Tuesday, the prime minister announced a multi-billion relief package dedicated for labor and underprivileged class, business community, and industries amid shutdown in various parts of the country out of coronavirus fears, as indicated by Ary News.

He stated that the government has earmarked Rs 200 billion for labor class. They are also keeping in touch with the provinces and business community in order to work on a strategy regarding how they could facilitate federal government in the process.

“We will also defer the payments of interests to be made from both these sectors [small industries and agriculture],” he said while announcing a relief after coronavirus wreaked havoc on business activities countrywide.

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The prime also declared people living under the poverty line would receive Rs 3000 per household for the next four months.

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As a reminder, the coronavirus has spread to over 190 countries, reaching 413,896 cases worldwide, and causing around 18,540 deaths since the outbreak. However, 108,293 patients have recovered from the virus.


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