“Covid Organics”: Malagasy president Andry Rajoelina announces a cure for the coronavirus

By | April 20, 2020

A month after the Big Island has registered its first case of Covid-19, president Andry Rajoelina recently announced that Madagascar has found a cure for the coronavirus.

According to him, the Malagasy researchers have successfully found a drug to prevent and cure the coronavirus called “Covid Organics”.

The President explained that the drug is made from Artemisia, a medicinal plant that the late Professor Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga introduced to Madagascar in 1975.

Moreover, IMRA has worked closely with Malagasy researchers in the development of this remedy for covid-19.

“I am officially announcing that the [clinical patient] trials have been successful,” said the head of state.

Laboratories and clinics from the United States and China in particular have collaborated and are still providing their assistance to the Big Island in the process of manufacturing this drug.

Soon clinical trials will begin internationally. For the time being, the “Covid Organics” is presented in a bottle, in an oral solution.

According to the President of the Republic, the official presentation of this coronavirus drug by IMRA and Malagasy researchers is expected on, Monday April 20.

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