“Covid-toe” – The new headache


According to Spanish doctors, “covid-toe” has been detected in positively diagnosed covid 19 patients. The covid-toe is like any other rash. Only that it affects the toe mostly. It is highly doubted to be one of the symptoms signalling the presence of covid 19.

The health of those who start having dark spots is quite precarious because just like the chicken pox is detected through the spreading of dark itchy spots, covid-toe bears similar indications. Small red bumps on the torso should not be taken lightly.

 Dr Ignacio Garcia-Doval calls them maculopapules. He says these maculopapules are specific as they appear later on, after the respiratory manifestation of the covid 19.

Half of the patients are already suffering from these. Spain’s dermatologists were requested to describe the rashes in their patients and they highlighted five types of rashes, namely asymmetrical, chilblain like lesions, small blisters, pink or white areas of the skin, maculopapules and livedo.

These doctors clearly pointed out that any rash can have many causes and it is not easy as well to differentiate it from any other without medical expertise or advice.

 Dr Ruth Murphy, president of the British Association of Dermatologists, recalls that this newly discovered rash should broaden our awareness about how to combat the pandemia.