Scientists find two new mammals in Australia

The new research ensures that there are actually three separate species of gliding mammals in Australia rather than one. Two new species of greater gliding marsupials were discovered in Australia after scientists conducted DNA tests on tissues. Through a study published in Scientific Report, researchers found that gliders are more diverse than previously thought, increasing … Read more

Funny parrots: Two parrots removed from a zoo after they have taught the other animals to swear

funny parrots

Two parrots have been temporarily removed from a small Manchester zoo, due to their bad language. The two African grey parrots have taught other animals to swear. Indeed, according to the park officials, other animals have learned from them to insult and curse. After that they laughed out loud. It is common for various species … Read more

Animal studies: Animal stripes can tell the group in which direction to flee from predators

animal studies

Animal studies are very interesting. in nature documentaries, we often come across attacks from predators. Lionesses hunting gazelles or sharks attacking huge schools of fish. In both cases, the threatened animals coordinate their movements and stay united as a collective. They all flee in the same direction, but how do they do it? Until now, … Read more