Discovery on Mars: Scientists found a network of salt lakes on Mars

Scientists from Italy found a network of salt lakes on Mars. Experts believe that thanks to this discovery on Mars, other discoveries will be possible. They are hopeful to be able to learn more about what the climate was in the history of the planet.

According to many space explorers, Mars once had many similarities to Earth. They explained that, about a billion years ago the planet once had had a thick atmosphere, oceans and a mild climate.

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However, such conditions did not last on the Red Planet for a relatively long time. the water supply on the planet dried up, and what was left turned into ice, after which Mars turned into a lifeless desert.

Moreover, with the recent discovery of the salt lakes under the glaciers at the south pole of Mars, it further supports this theory.

A similar body of water was found by the same experts in 2018 using the MARSIS radar, which is installed at the Mars Express research station operating in Mars orbit. Discovery on Mars

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