Do blind people dream? People with congenital blindness are more likely to experience dreams via their four senses – taste, smell, sound, and touch


People who are born blind have been noted to have no understanding of what is surrounded around them. This explains clearly that they cannot see things in their dreams.

However, people who have become blind later in life can dream visually although in real life they cannot see.

According to a 2014 Danish study, as time flies, a blind person is less likely to dream in pictures. It also underlines that people who are born blind have been said to have more bad dreams than sighted ones. The basic theory is that nightmares are mental practices of possibly disturbing events.

These can consequently convert into coping mechanisms. Blind people, for instance, in the research reported dreaming about getting lost, having a car accident or losing their guide dog.

In 1999, research was carried out on fifteen blind people. Their dreams were looked at over a period of two months. In all three hundred and seventy two dreams were analyzed. The researchers found evidence that blind people are remarkably alike to those of sighted people.

There are only some exceptions:

  • Blind people dream lesser about personal achievement or failure.
  • Blind people are less like to have dreams about violent interactions.
  • Blind people are more likely to dream about animals. Very often it is their guide dogs that they dream about.
  • Blind people have also stated that they have more common dreams about food.

From this study, researchers also found out that the dreams of the blind people also included some kinds of hardship. This explains that such dreams are a reflection of the hardships that are faced by the blind people. For examples, it can be the difficulties that they encounter when they have to move from one place to another.

It is therefore understood that people with congenital blindness are more likely to experience dreams via their four senses – taste, smell, sound and touch.


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