Earth seems to heal itself during the crisis, from the ozone layer to more purified air.

While the global pandemic COVID-19, has led to thousands of deaths, and a crash in the global economy, the measures taken to avoid the spread of the disease seems to be beneficial to the environment.

Indeed, the unprecedented global lockdown is having a positive environmental effect. The world is healing itself. Pollution is relatively decreased since recent months.

Satellites have shown images that the Ozone layer is repairing itself.

“This study adds to growing evidence showing the profound effectiveness of the Montreal Protocol. Not only has the treaty spurred healing of the ozone layer, but it’s also driving recent changes in Southern Hemisphere air circulation patterns,” said lead author Antara Banerjee, a CIRES Visiting Fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder.

As presumed by the analysis of Lauri Myllyvirta, an analyst at the center of research on Energy and clean air, China’s overall carbon emission since the start of the lockdown, fell by 25%, which is equivalent to 200m tons of carbon dioxide.

In Europe, the satellite images portray a decrease in the emission of Nitrogen Dioxide across Italy, Spain, and the UK.

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As a reminder, the discovery of the ozone hole was made in 1985 and has been forming every spring in the atmosphere over Antarctica. Ozone reduction disturbs the atmosphere and strengthens the winds of the polar vortex.

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