Edward Mordrake the man who lived with “two-faces”

By | May 11, 2020

Edward Mordrake also is known as the man with “two-faces” was an odd personality in the 19th century. His story is labeled as legendary and fictional.

He was as young and intelligent as any other person of his age but he was also considered as one of the human freaks this planet could have caused.

His intellectual identity was unfortunately followed by a frightening deformity – he was a person with two faces. To be more specific, he had another face on the back of his head.

Edward Mordrake was already a weird person but the weirder part was the fact that his second face was a “curse” to him as it would always do things that appeared malicious to him. For example, when Edward was sad, the ‘other face’ would smile and mock.

It was very difficult for Edward Mordrake to handle this twin character. He was never at peace since he felt estranged in his own body. It was like a devil twin to him.  He confirmed that every night his twin face used to whisper evil things to him – things that would cause him fear.

Ultimately, he could no longer bear this horrendous thing happening to him and committed suicide at the age of 23. He left a note though that after his death the second face should be destroyed and separated from him.

Although the autobiography of Edward Mordrake is a concocted story, scientists address this ‘thing’ happening to him as the “craniofacial duplication”.

Craniofacial duplication

Craniofacial duplication is a rare disorder where an animal is born with two faces.

Very often, such a condition is life-threatening. It can also occur in human beings like Chang Tzu Ping who had an extra mouth and facial features who lived many years. This malformation is also known as conjoined twinning.

4 thoughts on “Edward Mordrake the man who lived with “two-faces”

  1. Stephen Paslow

    With the physical deformity of two faces known as “cranofacial duplication” a real, scientific phenomenon that occurs in animals and humans; this is undoubtably where we the verbal term ” two face” or “two faced” from; meaning literally “two faces” physically and not, as misunderstood by people, to mean two faces symbolically as a person who seems ethical and honest at first but is really unethical and dishonest.

  2. Stephen Paslow

    It is very interesting to note that one of the many deities the ancient Romans worshipped was Janus, the two faced god. Also, in Hinduism, one of the many deities worshipped by ancient Indians was Agni, the fire god with two faces. Maybe such men were real human men who became deified because of their rare two facial disorder.

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