Explore some negative psychological facets of human nature

Human beings are definitely no perfect creations of nature, yet each and every individual varies from one another. This world comprises of both good and bad people, yet one thing is for sure. Every person has got negative psychological facets of his nature. Let us explore some of them.

Very often people have the tendency to underestimate those who dwell in poverty and who typically have got a ‘flaw’, such as being a drug addict, for example. In short, the latter is considered as vulnerable people with low status. A small brain-scan study calls this as “blatant dehumanisation”.

It equally once demonstrated how students revealed less neutral activity linked with thinking about people when they looked at pictures of the homeless or of drug addicts, as compared to people of higher class. Similarly, old people too are very often dehumanized by youngsters.

Schadenfreude is a condition of human nature where the individual is happy upon another person’s sufferings. A 2013 research revealed that kids of very tender age too can be affected by Schadenfreude, especially when the latter is involved in bad deeds and hence deserved to be punished atrociously.

In short, there is nothing surprising if you happen to see children at the age of three only to keep track of what their parents are indebted to them, even if these little debts can be sweets or toys.

There is no way out that people can be both vain and overconfident as well. We are prone to walk around boasting about our driving skills or intelligence or even attractiveness. This phenomenon has been labelled as Lake Wobegon Effect which studies the stereotype that “all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average”.

In a nutshell, there is a manifestation of our vanity. For instance, researchers have underlined “implicit egotism” in human nature which is a condition when people unconsciously share their initials when they donate to charities.

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