Finland: new government to grant both parents the same parental leave


Finland’s new government has announced its intention to grant both parents the same parental leave. Thus, fathers will be accorded in the same period of parental leave as mothers so that they can spend more time with their children.

In this process, the paid allowance will increase to a combined 14 months, equivalent to 164 days per parent.

The government of Finland explained that they want to “promote wellbeing and gender equality”.

For their part, Health and social affairs minister Aino-Kaisa Pekonen expressed that this “radical reform of family benefits” had begun, with the aim of strengthening the relationship of parents from the start, as reported by BCC.

Currently, in Finland, maternity leave is 4.2 months, while fathers are given only 2.2 months and this until the child turns two. Moreover, another six months’ parental leave can be shared.

On average only one out of four fathers take this leave. Parents would be allowed to transfer 69 days of their quota. Single parents would be allowed to use both allowances.


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