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Fortnite: The current e-gaming in vogue calls for a celebration

Fortnite has taken the virtual world by storm with its 350 million registered players. It is one of the famous games worldwide and it remains in the top tier of both casual and e-sports gaming as BBC highlighted.

This calls for celebration as BBC News states a Royale Party “will take place this Friday 8 May at 21:00 EDT”, featuring Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and deadmau5. The gaming bash has been scheduled on a new island where players will be able to access even when live events are not happening.

The sudden confinement due to Covid-19 has resulted in an incredible rise in virtual meet-ups among registered players who in April spent over 3.2 billion hours in the game. To keep the ‘Fortniters’ more involved, Epic, the company of the particular game, has organised live concerts.

Travis Scott and Diplo were part of the live concerts last month. Surprisingly, Travis Scott was followed by 12.3 million players.

The statistics make it clear that “Epic is positioning Fortnite as more than a game”, says Joe Tidy, the Cyber Security reporter. Surely, the game aims for a multi-purpose platform with more than hundreds of millions of people logging in to set up virtual meet-ups with friends. This however could cause disruption to other social media platforms.

Moreover, Joe Tidy underlines that although Fortnite has reached 350 registered participants, it is not necessarily that all of them are active on the game every time. A player may have more than one Fortnite account. Besides, Epic does not provide details about the monthly active players.

Tim Sweeney, the company’s founder, consequently says that the current nature of this game has to be questioned later, most probably after the global confinement. During the global pandemic, while people are in lockdown and are unable to hang out, Fortnite has filled up this void.

 Nintendo’s Animal Crossing and The Sims were equally dominant games at some particular time.

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