France: Mild avian flu virus detected among a flock of 2,600 ducks

Illustration Photo by REY MELVIN CARAAN

According to a report from the French agriculture ministry, pathogenic H5 bird flu virus classified as mild was discovered among a flock of 2,600 ducks on a farm in the village of Marolle-en-Sologne in the Loir-et-Cher administrative department.

The virus was detected in the wake of a strategic supervision of the birds despite they did not show signs of any symptoms of the flu.

Following some severe flu outbreak from past recent years, French authorities reinforced the bio-security, especially around duck and goose flocks which are bred to produce ‘foie gras’.

Avian flu also known as bird flu is a lung disease in birds and is caused by the influenza virus. This viral infection can also spread to humans. Some common avian flu symptoms include; diarrhoea, soft-shelled or misshapen eggs, lack of energy and appetite, haemorrhages on feet and shanks and decrease in egg production.


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