Funny parrots: Two parrots removed from a zoo after they have taught the other animals to swear

Two parrots have been temporarily removed from a small Manchester zoo, due to their bad language.

The two African grey parrots have taught other animals to swear.

Indeed, according to the park officials, other animals have learned from them to insult and curse. After that they laughed out loud.

It is common for various species of parrots to learn to imitate sounds. Grey parrots are the most skilled when it comes to “talking”.

In some cases, these funny parrots learn profanity words from their owners. However, what is unlikely to happen is that these animals teach those sounds to each other and then encourage the rest.

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Funny parrots at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

That is precisely what has happened in the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

Two grey parrots arrived on August 15. The big birds began to share their respective repertoires of insults.

The keepers responded with laughter to the behaviour of the animals.

However, the laughter became a positive reinforcement for the two funny parrots.

Moreover, the Coronavirus quarantine has contributed in worsening the situation as the animals spent more time together. Lincolnshire Park Manager Steve Nichols explains the situation to Lincolnshire Live.

“In the last 25 years we have always had foul-mouthed birds and we have gotten used to it. Every once in a while, you have someone swear and people find it very comical. The problem is that we have joined two parrots of those who insult in the same week and since they have passed the quarantine together, we now have a whole enclosure of foul-mouthed parrots. The more they insult, the more people laugh, which encourages them to do it even more.”

Consequently, after less than 30 minutes of reopening the park, a cage full of parrots were insulting everyone who passed. Worse, they then burst out laughing.

Park officials were concerned about the arrival of the weekend and underage visitors. they decided to remove the two funny parrots that caused the disturbances.

 They were put in separate cages to try to mitigate their foul language.

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