Germany suffers the same sort as Japan: A second wave of the global pandemic hit the nation again

Coronavirus in Spain

Germany suffers from the second wave of Covid-19 as lockdown lifts its restrictions. It has the seventh-highest number of positive Covid-19 cases so far. 

Previously it was reported that last Sunday the infected report tally at 169,218 and the reported death toll at 7,395.  Recently, some of the public places were accessible with precautionary measures but this step turned out to be contradictory. 

The nation is panic-stricken. Robert Koch Institute asserts “the reproduction rate – the estimated number of people confirmed … is now above 1”.

In a nutshell, the situation is currently alarming – more alarming than before.  On Saturday, thousands of citizens across Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Stuttgart gathered for a protest to advocate for total lockdown. It was confirmed that some protests, however, became forceful, with police arresting a number of people in Berlin.

Conspiracy theorists and right-wing groups equally joined hands for this protest. The intervention of the police was compulsory because ironically the same crowd of people was not keeping social distance. It was also said that some protestors threw bottles at the police officers.

Nonetheless, leaders of  Germany’s 16 states decided to go towards “a broad relaxation of national restrictions”. (Chancellor Angela Merkel)

The following activities will be maintained:

  • The Bundesliga-Germany football league will restart in the upcoming weekend
  • Reopening of schools
  • Reopening of shops

While earlier Germany was extolled for curbing its death toll so far, now the decision to ease precautionary measures is being criticised. Merkel was way out too optimistic to announce the lockdown rollback before. Her confidence resounded in these words:

“We have achieved the goal of slowing the spread of the virus…because our citizens have behaved responsibly and saved the lives of others.”

 The country is in dilemma again as it calls for an ‘emergency brake’. Merkel advises to impose limitations again: “first phase is over …we still have a long fight ahead of us”.