Google search: How many searches are done per day on Google?

By | October 13, 2020

Google has always been one of the most visited sites throughout the globe since the dawn of the Web. For most Internet users, it is undoubtedly an open window that responds in an instant to any question that may arise, and this, in a second.

It is hard to know the exact number of searches done per day on Google. This is because the multinational rarely reveals the volume of searches, much less for a particular country.

Nonetheless, there are global estimates that are worth knowing.

According to Internet Live Stats for 2019, an aggregator of statistics about the digital world, Google processes, on a daily basis a minimum of 3.5 billion searches.  In other words, around 40,000 Google Search every second, on average.

Recently a few factors such as teleworking, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the digital transformation have greatly contributed to increasing the number of searches.

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Based on real-time data provided by the same source, the number of Google Search is expected to rise. It will gradually reach closer and closer to the threshold of 4 billion daily.

Moreover, the dominance of Google in the online search market is unquestionable. StatCounter, a statistics portal revealed that Google processes 92.17% of searches worldwide.

Microsoft Bing (2.78%) follows it remotely. Then Yahoo (1.6%), Baidu (0, 92%), Yandex (0.85%), and on last position DuckDuckGo (0.5%).

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