Humanity restored? South Indian state of Karnataka officials apologized after viral footage showing bodies of Covid -19 victims being thrown into a pit


Officials of the south Indian state of Karnataka have apologized following a video that went viral showing workers in PPE kits tossing eight bodies of Covid -19 victims wrapped in black garbage bags into a pit.

The video has caused outrage after having circulated on several famous social media platforms. Officials in the state’s Bellary district did not deny the authenticity of the video and apologised to respective families of the victims.

“We have issued a letter of unconditional apology to the families of the dead. We are very hurt by this and we are very sorry. We condemn the way corpses have been treated. They should have been treated more humanely,” senior district official SS Nakula told BBC Hindi’s Imran Qureshi.

“They followed all the protocols. Where they have gone wrong is not the part of the protocol but the mentality that a dead body should be handled with dignity,” he added.

He also reassured that the men present in the video had been removed and they would be replaced by a new team who would dispose of bodies more “with sensitivity”, as highlighted by BBC.

As a reminder, the number of confirmed cases in India has almost reached 600,000 making it the fourth-highest number of Covid infections in the world.