Impact of technology on children: There is no way out but to dance at its very tunes

By | June 4, 2020

 Technology, today, has taken the world by storm. Needless to say, our younger generation has been weaved as well in this technological web. There is no way out but to dance at its very tunes.  Each and every aspect of our society has been altered virtually over the last ten years. From the way we work to the way we communicate or socialize, we have to adapt accordingly.

It is true that there are plenty of positive sides of technology. However, the conflicting aspects too cannot be avoided. Children very easily become targets of these. The way kids interact has shown a drastic change. There seems to be no more socialization. All they do is to remain engrossed in their technological devices. They are as if “care-free” of what is happening around them.

The development and quality of life of the children is seriously affected. These younger beings practise no more exercises, hence lacking physical exercises can lead to serious health issues. Obesity is one such problem.

Technological devices such as smartphones, smart TVs and laptops have unconsciously made them sedentary. It should be noted that the rate of childhood obesity has accelerated drastically. In 2012, it was revealed that childhood obesity was around eighteen percent.

While many schools seem to have taken the initiative to encourage physical activities during and after school, parents also seem to have a long way to go in encouraging the kids to engage in more conventional activities.

That is also true that children depend too much on these technological devices. In short they have become technological slaves themselves. Spending time outdoors with family members or friends can seem monotonous to them as they become heavily reliant on the devices for entertainment purposes.

Researchers have revealed that when people are exposed to sunlight they benefit from Vitamin D which is a great source to combat infections and keep the skin healthy. Unfortunately, the younger generation deprives themselves of this boon.

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