Famous Iranian Instagram star Sahar Tabar alias the ‘zombie Angelia Jolie’ arrested for blasphemy

Instagram star Sahar Tabar
Sahar Tabar-Instagram

Sahar Tabar, Iranian Instagram star famous for posting photos of her in which she resembles what’s been described as a ‘ zombie Angelina Jolie ‘

The Instagram star, Sahar Tabar, famous for her ‘zombie Angelina Jolie’ unique appearance, has been arrested as related the Tasnim news agency.

Tabar was detained by the Iranian authorities for several crimes including blasphemy, instigating violence, illegally acquiring property, insulting the country’s dress code as well as encouraging youth corruption.

The arrest took place following complaints from members of the public. Her Instagram account with 26,800 followers has also reportedly been deleted since then.

The Instagram celebrity of 22 years old, made international headlines last year after posting photos of her face transformed by several plastic surgeries and heavy edits in attempt to resemble the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.

As a reminder, Instagram is the only major social media service accessible in Iran. Facebook and Twitter as well as Telegram messenger service are officially banned.