Is the coronavirus a pandemic or a conspiracy?

Along with the spread of the coronavirus in the world, videos have also blowout on social media, videos talk about “conspiracy theories related to the outbreak of the pandemic”.

However, these videos were quickly deleted. This has raised concerns of millions of people who wondered; what have prompted YouTube and Facebook, among others, to delete them?

And again, we’re talking about popular videos with millions of views, including the famous one titled “the pandemic”, where Judy Mikovits, a former researcher in virology was interviewed.

According to Mikovits, the coronavirus is a big hoax to profit from selling vaccines in the future.  She also claims that more and more people are sharing her belief; especially since companies have started to compete fiercely over who will produce the vaccine first. Indeed, since the propagation of this virus, it is undeniable that some companies have achieved enormous profits thanks to a significant increase in customer demands in this wake.

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