Italy coronavirus impact: Many of the bodies were not claimed mostly due to the confinement


The global coronavirus pandemic has struck Italy really hard this time.  Plots of land have had to be converted to make new graves for patients victimized by the lethal disease. So far, one hundred and twenty bodies have been buried in Milan.

Each tomb is marked by a simple, white plastic cross on which the name of the deceased is taped.

Sadly, many of the bodies were not claimed mostly due to the confinement, while the others apparently had no families.

The authorities had no choice but to maintain such kind of “pitiless” burial as there are no more extra places in the morgue and too many people are losing their life each second.

If ever some families come forward to claim the corpses, the remains will still be disentombed and reburied. Unfortunately family members are not allowed to hug their dead beloved for the last time.

Carla Porfirio also wanted to be with her eighty five year old mother, Michela, in her last moments.  The latter suffered from memory loss. She used to live in Palazzolo-Don Gnocchi Institute nursing home situated in Milan.

Porfirio was disappointed because she could not meet her ill mother for a last time. She was equally concerned that the nursing officers did not inform her about her mother’s ailing condition. On the contrary, they kept on reassuring her that the old lady was in good health.

It is on the 5th April that Porfirio was informed that her mother had been put on oxygen and was injected morphine.

Porfirio shares her grief through these words: “What’s so tragic for those of us who lost their loved ones … we couldn’t be close to them in their last days as they suffered. They needed the hand of their loved ones.”

Nicoletta, too, lost her mother on the 11th March. Heartbroken, she read the following words to her mother: “We never abandoned you. We never would, because you will always be in our hearts.”