Kate feeling depressed by Harry’s departure and increased responsibilities

Kate is not doing well. While Prince Harry and his wife flew to Canada to start a new life away from royalty and its enormous responsibilities which are sometimes too heavy to bear, Kate is struggling to cope with this departure, and this for many reasons.

The departure of Harry and his family not only unbalanced the royal family but also made them sad, and if there was anyone who was deeply touched, it was Prince William’s wife.

“She cried a lot at the announcement of her departure for Canada because there is now a geographic distance between them,” a close one of the royal wife told US Magazine.

Although she wanted to dissuade him from his decision, Princess Kate could not do it and now not only does she miss her, but she also lives with great fear. “She would like to be able to speak to Harry.” He misses her and she is afraid that he will move away from her even more, “added the close one.

Indeed, Princess Kate and Prince Harry have been good friends for almost two decades. Prince Harry has always considered her the sister he never had, no wonder that this departure affects her so much.

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In addition, in his absence, Kate and William have more responsibilities on their heads and Kate finds it difficult to manage them. The pressure to fill the roles left by Harry and Meghan makes Kate suffer from sleepless nights and anxiety attacks.

On the one hand the sorrow of being away from Prince Harry and the fear that their relationship is no longer the same, and on the other the important responsibilities that it is difficult to assume. Kate is really not having her best days.

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