Kawasaki-like disease strikes severely: Children are suffering a great deal from the disease during the global pandemic compared to those in the past


It is with much dismay that France records its first death from the Kawasaki-like disease which is highly considered to be linked to the global pandemic.

The victim is a nine-year-old boy. Fabrice Michel, head of the pediatric intensive care unit at La Timone hospital in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille explains how the poor soul breathed his last after a “neurological injury related to a cardiac arrest”.

After consecutive treatment at the hospital for almost one week, his immune system gave up on Saturday.

The symptoms that have been revealed are fever, stomach pain, conjunctivitis, rashes and swollen tongue.

According to France’s public health agency cardiac arrest and inflammation of blood vessels  are “much more pronounced” in cases highly doubted to be connected to COVID-19 compared with the rare Kawasaki disease.

Fabrice Michel further adds that although the ailment is rare, parents should have their kids examined by a doctor immediately if they produce any related symptom.

The past three weeks have recorded several cases of kids being affected by this inflammatory disease, that is, the Kawasaki disease across the globe. It has been reported that for the time being similar child-related mortalities are being scrutinized in London and New York as well.

The following countries underline affected children from one to fourteen years old related to Covid-19:

  1. London – a fourteen-year-old boy died at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital
  2. New York – Three kids breathed their last on Tuesday
  3. France – 125 cases have been reported
  4. Italy – Accelerating rate of inflicted kids. Already ten children have been admitted to the Hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII

It has been analyzed that today’s children are suffering a great deal from the Kawasaki-like disease during the global pandemic compared to those in the past. 60% are said to suffer severe heart complications and deadly shock syndrome.

It is however still doubtful whether this disease has any connection with the coronavirus as not all children who suffer from it have been tested positive for the virus.