Madagascar: Over 900 children reported missing since the beginning of the year


The public morals and the protection of minors (PMPM) stated in a press conference, on Wednesday, November 21, that they have received 956 reports of children missing since January.

According to the Malagasy authorities, these were not only cases of disappearance but also of fugue or kidnapping and 779 of the children were found and were able to join the family home.

For the rest, the families concerned have no longer responded to their reports, explained the authorities.

As a reminder, recently, the disappearance of a 10 years old girl made the headlines on social networks. The little girl was abducted from her school exit in Antananarivo by her father’s concubine. After being missing for more than a week, it was her uncle who finally reported her disappearance to the police. The authorities subsequently found her in a town far away from the capital.

The kidnapper, victim of a miscarriage because of the violence inflicted by her concubine, wanted to take revenge on him. Thus, she abducted the girl to make her father feel the pain of losing a child. The kidnapper, as well as the father, were both arrested by the Malagasy authorities.