Madagascar takes up the challenge to beat the Guinness World Records of Reforestation


After the fires that withered Ankarafantsika, Madagascar is more than ready to fight against deforestation.

The government plans to restore its greenery scenery by covering several hectares with forests.

In January 2020, the “Bôndy” company will thus attempt to meet the challenge of planting the largest number of trees in one day. The objective is to plant 1 million seedlings in 24 hours. This challenge will allow the country to proudly appear in Guinness World Records if successfully executed.

“It’s perfectly feasible,” said Max Fontaine, the young Malagasy co-founder of “Bôndy”.

“We will achieve this feat with the help of 300 soldiers who will plant each plant 3,330 plants”.

The company wanted to request the assistance of young volunteers for this reforestation but to make its place in the Guinness Book, only 300 people can assist to the plantation of the one million seedlings.

“This does not mean that volunteers will not participate; we still have other missions and projects to achieve,” explained participants to the Midi-Madagasikara news agency.