Mauritius-Covid-19: The travel and tourism sector expected to be deeply affected


The tourism sector will bear the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic, as the restriction of access to Mauritian territory for passengers of several countries is already in force. The number of tourist arrivals has significantly reduced.

“The management made it clear to us that we must expect drastic measures in case the number of arrivals deteriorated. We’re going to tighten our belts. One of these measures is the review of the allocation of overtime. “, explained a hotel employee who preferred to keep his identity anonymous.

Since hotel revenues are directly linked to the tourist arrivals, fewer tourist arrivals imply less revenue for the hotels.

As a reminder, France which stands in first place in terms of tourist arrivals on the island has registered about 800 new Covid-19 cases. In this wake, only 34,244 French travelers, have deposited their luggage in Mauritius for this month.

Germany which is in the second position in terms of arrival on the island, with its 13,058 travelers, has enumerated more than 4,500 cases.

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For its side, Reunion Island has just registered its seventh case. The government applied a few preventive measures for the welfare of the country, including the ban of tourists arriving from France and Reunion, as reported l’

According to a recent report from Statistics Mauritius, this downward trend was caused due to the rapid spread of Covid-19. The number of tourist arrivals for February decreased by 18.8%, from 137,419 to 111,560.