Mauritius: Cyclone warning class 2 in force

According to the local meteorological station, the tropical disturbance is showing signs of is a gradual intensification and is now moving in a general eastern direction. keeping this trajectory, it continues to approach the island. The center is scheduled to pass approximately 50 km north of the island early tomorrow morning, thus representing a potential threat to Mauritius.

At 0400 local hours, the tropical disturbance was centered at about 680 km west-northwest of Mauritius, in latitude, 18.6 degrees South and longitude 51.3 degrees East and is traveling in a general easterly direction at around 25 km / h.

Since the system is in a favorable environment, it could intensify into a Moderate Tropical Storm overnight when it is around the island. a significant deterioration of the weather is expected from this evening.

As a reminder, A Class II cyclone warning is in effect in Mauritius

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